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A really lovely place to work, driven by quality rather than quantity. Ample opportunities to progress in your role.

Naheed Hussain

Clinical Pharmacist

When I joined Firza back in November 2019, I was really impressed not only by how lovely everyone was but with the level of support they provided. The ‘Firza family’ works really well together to achieve the best results. This continues to be the case over a year later, contributing to an enjoyable working environment.

Paula Boddington

Medical Administrator

I have always worked in community pharmacy and decided to further my career as a pharmacy technician. I love working at Firza, as it provides me with a platform to become involved in new and diverse challenges. Firza has given me visibility to all sorts of possibilities within my job remit. My work at Firza also brings flexibility which is fantastic being a parent of a young child.

Katy Hailey

Pharmacy Technician

It has been a pleasure to work with Firza. So far, I have had some great opportunities to grow as a pharmacist and also be part of an amazing great management team! Our motto is “whatever it takes” and I love how we work as a family to make sure we meet our targets! I cannot wait to develop further with this amazing company!


Deputy Chief Pharmacist & CQC Lead

The opportunity to join an organisation that incorporates technology to provide primary care services across the country was a real draw for me when applying for Firza. It has not disappointed! Great people and a pleasure to be a part of the team.


Head of Clinical Operations

Stephen and Asim’s innovative and forward thinking vision on how to integrate digital health with the emerging role of clinical pharmacists in primary care is what attracted me to Firza. What I love about working at Firza is how we are constantly striving to improve the way we do things. Most importantly, Firza is about supporting our pharmacists to reach their full potential which in turn allows us as an organisation to excel above and beyond expectations.


Chief Pharmacist

I joined Firza at the very beginning of its journey and I am so proud of how the company has evolved and went from strength to strength. Innovation and a “whatever it takes” attitude underpins the Firza way. Our teams share this mindset, making it a great place to work. We value what each individual brings to their role and this is a big part of our success in meeting our clients service needs.


PCN Lead Pharmacist

I had heard of Firza due to it’s reputation in primary care but never imagined having the opportunity to work as part of the Firza family. Working among such positive minded people has been a pleasure. The team supports each other on issues which are clinical, non-clinical and even personal. I definitely see why the Firza team is called the “Firza family” and I hope to support Firza and benefit from the company for many years to come.


PCN Lead Pharmacist

I joined Firza in November 2019. It was a great opportunity and enabled me to work suitable hours around my son. From day one, I felt the warmth & friendliness from my new ‘Firza Family’ and before long, was promoted to Service Implementation Manager which I love. It involves a lot of interaction between various surgeries and also with my colleagues. Firza is a fantastic company that I am extremely proud to be a part of.


Service Implementation Manager

November 2014, Two entrepreneurial pharmacists embarked on a journey together to form what is now called Firza, the successful partnership that developed from (Stephen) Foster and (Asim) Mirza. A light bulb moment was born from sharing many years of clinical experience and witnessing GP services being at breaking point. Realising very quickly that if something wasn’t done soon to support GPs, then the PCN network could very well collapse. Since then, we have organically grown predominantly through word of mouth to a family of over 120 fledglings.

Our Mission – Making Healthcare Better – Together! We bridge the gap for GPs, by streamlining the triad of care that exists between patients, GPs and pharmacists within GP surgeries, care homes and prison services. We make their pharmacist-type workload lighter by taking these jobs off their hands.

By letting our pharmacists handle medicines management, the GP’s workload is sure to lighten. Our own medication experts have more specialised knowledge to handle these jobs, freeing up GP time to allow them to spend more quality time where it is needed such as for more complex patients.

We are committed to developing and delivering a gold standard primary healthcare service. While Firza is committed to ensuring we have the right people to operate our cog, we are just as passionate to bed them into our truly welcoming and innovative family. Yes, we are a business and always looking to grow, but our foundations are built with people at the heart of everything that we do. If you have the talent and are passionate, then there is no limit to what we can achieve together.

The Firza culture has a strong responsibility to your wellbeing. We are caring, considerate and transparent. We also pride ourselves in providing a healthy work-life balance for all our employees.

At Firza, you won’t just be joining any old company, you will be joining the Firza Family. We genuinely believe in and value our people like no other company. Yes, we believe in hard work to do ‘Whatever it Takes!’, but we have fun along the way too.

We provide a platform to enable you to grow and develop your own skills, supporting you on your journey every bit of the way. Our family’s wellbeing is also critical to us too to allow them to perform to the best of their ability. We nurture their personal development in parallel to their professional growth.

Together, we are truly G.R.E.A.T.T

Genuine: What you see is what you get with Firza. We are a cut above the rest.
Rewarding: The people, skills, mindset and welcoming personalities make Firza a wonderful place to work.
Entrepreneurial: Firza was built on years of clinical experience which uncovered a gap in the marketplace. We see ourselves as the Steve Jobs to primary care.
Action: We pride ourselves on taking action at the right time.

Our Recruitment Process

At Firza, we appreciate some hiring processes can seem overwhelming, but we don’t want you to feel overwhelmed with us. We want all candidates, from entry-level to leadership, to have access to the same information and resources as each other.

Firza’s hiring process is an important part of our culture. Our Firza family, cares

  • The Hiring Process: Heard good things about Firza and want to join the family? Let us know, we would love to hear from you.
  • Application: Submit your online application form for the job role that appeals to you.
  • Screening: We will contact you to align our expectations with yours to see whether we are a good fit for you and you for us.
  • Interview: You will be invited to an interview if your profile fits. During the interview stage you will meet with the hiring manager. We firmly believe that this discovery step is as much as about you finding out about us and the role as it is about us finding out more about you!
  • Job Offer: If we believe in you, expect an offer from us!
  • Pre Employment Checks: We will conduct all of the usual industry checks on you (e.g. DBS, qualifications).

Recruitment / Employment Privacy Policy (e.g. click here).

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“I lead the People & Culture Team, ensuring the company is maintaining the well-being of Firza staff. I also guide Firza in terms of latest employment law, in order to protect both employees and the company.”

Amy Lees
Head of People & Culture

“I organise the recruitment of staff and will manage your enrolment and induction to ensure your transition to our organisation is as seamless as possible. By providing you with a thorough introduction into the culture of Firza, your initial experience should be a fantastic one.”

Susan Longhurst
Deputy Head of People & Culture

Valuing you as a person with your outstanding suitable & relevant skills, is like appreciating your favourite meal that your grandma cooked for you as a child. If you are passionate and innovative, we would love you to come and work with us. Contributing towards Making Healthcare Better – Together!

Time: Sensitive to the needs of our customers in a timely manner. Once we understand the requirements, we work with expedience and clarity to get the job done.
We value the people who work at Firza. We are proud to hire the best in our industry. Whether you have years of experience or newly qualified, we will invest in you and provide training above industry standards.

deeply about each of our employees. We also care about building a more representative and inclusive workplace, and that begins at the hiring stage. We believe in a fair hiring process to ensure we a diverse and experienced team.

  • You’re Hired! Congratulations! You made the grade. We look forward to working with you.
  • Before you Join: We want to you feel part of the Firza family as soon as possible. Watch out for the initial meetings that you will be invited to, to meet some of the family. Check your emails too for an onboarding pack – this will provide you with all of the essential information to get you started and feel supported.
  • Got any questions or feedback for us? If you have any questions, please don’t be shy in asking them. We want to support you in making the right career choice for yourself. We are constantly looking to improve ourselves so welcome any feedback from you in terms of our recruitment process-this helps our internal audit. Implementing constructive feedback is the route to success, and at Firza, we love success and positively encourage feedback. Tell us how we did!

Pharmacist Roles

If you are an entrepreneurial pharmacist and looking for an exciting change, then apply today! If we don’t have anything currently suitable, at least we will have your details on file!

Pharmacy Technician Roles

Have you got what it takes as a pharmacy technician to be part of the Firza family? We would love to hear from any pharmacy technicians who have got drive and energy. You have got this far – so apply today!

Other Roles

If you want to come and work for us but are not a pharmacist or pharmacy technician, we have a team of non-clinical people working for us in addition to our clinicians.