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Michael Ashworth

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Michael Ashworth
Non Executive Director
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A Pharmacist by trade and with a passion for business and technology, Asim strives to make the world a better place. In any small amount of downtime, he shares his passion for all things cycling and the outdoors with his family and friends.

Asim is our lead on developing new projects. He has extensive experience in managing multi-site independent and national chains, and creating quality systems and processes from scratch to enable healthcare businesses and organisations to run smoothly and efficiently. He has created innovative technological solutions for a number of GP Practices, Pharmacies and Dispensaries to increase productivity. Asim has helped organisations work more closely with carehomes to significantly improve service to this sector. He has a good understanding of how primary care organisations can improve cost effectiveness without shortcuts on the patient’s experience. Asim was shortlisted for the Healthcare Leader of the Year award at the General Practice awards 2018. Having worked for both large national healthcare chains and independent multiples in leading management roles for a number of years, he has successfully bid for new primary care contracts on behalf of clients, including tendering through ProContract and Supply2Health.

Specialty Non Executive Director
Degrees M.D. of Medicine
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Work Days Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
The pharmacist was amazing, really helpful!
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I just want to say that we have had some great feedback
Janice Nightingale, Practice Manager
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We found the hub incredibly useful and it noticeably reduced the GPs workload
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