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Take the Stress out of your Day

Primary Care, including gp surgeries, PCNs, CCGs, STPs, community pharmacies, care homes and prisons throughout the UK are facing unprecedented challenges that require policy makers, providers and suppliers to rethink how they work. With a vast amount of industry experience, Firza are uniquely positioned to provide quality improvement guidance to support the primary care environment. This helps them successfully navigate the rapidly changing primary care landscape and transform the way that healthcare is provided.

Our dedicated professionals have wide-ranging skills including cost optimization, clinical performance improvement, health IT, digital innovation and transformation, acute and chronic ailment management – making Firza the best equipped and most experienced healthcare advisory team there is.


We all live in a society where we expect a gold star standard with every service we receive. Healthcare is no different. As a patient, we expect our clinicians to provide the best possible service safely, efficiently and effectively. Historically primary healthcare organisations have conducted audits on an ad hoc basis and tackling quality improvement may have been pushed to the bottom of the pile as GP practices suffer from limited resources so tend to prioritise seeing patients rather than assessing the quality of their own service.

Clinical audits involve reviewing the delivery of healthcare services and processes to ensure best practice is carried out. The move away from historically being optional to being obligatory in recent years, can only be a move in the right direction to ensure the best possible care is received by every patient within a GP practice.  With the Healthcare Commission currently monitoring all NHS Trusts to ensure that clinical audits are being implemented, the time is right to let Firza support you on your audit journey.

At Firza we are able to carry out both national and local clinical audits for practices. We critically assess the information given to us and to find ways of improving patient outcomes. 

Why not let Firza take the strain? With our highly skilled clinical team, we have many years of hands-on experience to support all of your quality improvement & auditing needs. Our team will ensure all your needs are met and improvements made in order to improve outcomes for patients in a safe and timely fashion.

At Firza we are able to carry out both national and local clinical audits for practices, whether the audit is CCG/PCN or individual practice generated.  Whatever the origin or reason for the audit, Firza is here to help and work with you to achieve the required results. We critically assess the information given to us and to find ways of improving patient outcomes, which is very dear to our hearts.

Our expertise is broad and there is no audit we can’t do and include direct oral anticoagulants (DOAC) audits, asthma audits, Quality Improvement (QI) prescribing audits to mention a few. Using the audit documents  and understanding the rationale, we work closely with the practices to understand their specific needs and how to make the best use of  the audit results. We offer a coherent and systemic approach to the audits and are able to support implementation of the results where needed.

Want to move one step closer to receiving some funding? Contact Firza to help you every step of the way to conduct your audit.

The Benefits

  • ELIMINATE STRESS: Conducting Clinical Audits can be very time consuming and can be seen to be taking away the focus of patient care from the organisations clinical staff. Firza can eliminate this heavy workload from you to enable you to focus on what you do best – spend quality time with patients to deliver a gold service.
  • FREE UP YOUR TIME: taken away from surgery. By letting our dedicated qualified pharmacist conduct the clinical audit for you, this allows your organisation (whether you are a GP practice, care home, or prison service)  to be getting on with other surgery based activities.
  • HIGHLY TRAINED PHARMACIST: Our highly skilled  Firza pharmacists have many years of clinical experience which enables them to provide your organisation full support on any clinical audit you require.
  • BETTER PATIENT CARE: By allowing our highly trained Firza pharmacists to conduct your clinical audits, it will in turn enable you to identify areas that need improvement, which in turn means that your patients (patients/residents/prisons) will receive a continually improving service.

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