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Expert Medications Management

We processed over 240,000 prescription re-authorisations in 2020

With approximately half of the UK population reliant on repeat prescriptions, the NHS suffers from a staggering annual £8 billion cost associated with this. After workforce costs, this is the largest cost to the NHS and this cost is equivalent to half of the total medicine spend. Predictions indicate that by 2039, there will be 231 million more repeat prescriptions.

As our we continue to live longer and with an increase in long-term conditions, the 800 million repeat medicines that are currently dispensed each year, will spiral over the next 25 years.

Repeat prescribing errors are one of the main reasons for malpractice awards against GPs. It is estimated that up to a fifth of prescribed medication is never taken, leading to an estimated wastage of £200m.

GPs are under pressure to meet the SLA target of 48hours between receiving requests to issuing prescriptions especially when prescription re-authorisations represent 75% of all prescription items written by GPs and represent 80% of all drug costs.


Practices can receive repeat prescriptions through a number of different channels directly from patients or from other healthcare professionals such as by phone, fax, in person and online, making what can be a relatively simple process a time consuming and complex process. This can often lead to difficult to read scripts and requests can sometimes be sent in a bundle rather than individually. These are just a couple of examples which can slow up the whole prescription re-authorisation process.

Our team of highly skilled clinical pharmacists are proficient in the use of clinical IT platforms (e.g. EMIS, SystmOne or Vision) to efficiently and effectively perform a number of different tasks.

We carry out extremely thorough medication reviews by looking at past medical histories and pathology reports and results. Using our expertise, we can re-authorise regular medication from the patient’s medication history or repeat templates by working seamlessly with your organisation.

Our Firza pharmacists really take the time, time that GP’s do not have, to really understand the wholistic journey of the patient which includes checking relevant communications, medical history and newly prescribed medication from alternative healthcare settings, whilst at the same time highlighting any issues or tasks to the appropriate member of surgery staff.

The Benefits

  • ELIMINATE STRESS: Prescription reauthorisations can be very time consuming and can be seen to be taking away the focus of patient care from the organisations clinical team. Firza can eliminate this heavy workload from you to enable you to focus on what you do best – spend quality time with patients to deliver a gold service.
  • FREE UP YOUR TIME: By letting our dedicated qualified pharmacist handle prescription reauthorisations for you, this allows your organisation (whether you are a GP practice, care home, or prison service) to get on with other tasks.
  • MEDICATION EXPERTS: Our highly skilled Firza pharmacists have many years of clinical experience which enables them to provide your organisation with the technical knowhow and compassion that every patient looks for. They are the medication experts, having in-depth pharmaceutical knowledge to support the rest of the multidisciplinary team.
  • BETTER PATIENT CARE: By allowing our highly trained Firza pharmacists to support your organisation, it will in turn enable you to identify areas that need improvement, which in turn means that your patients (patients/residents/prisons) will receive a continually improving service.

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