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Improve patient access

Our pharmacists saw over 60,000 patients in clinics in 2020

As GP surgeries grow, there is an increasing need to coordinate care properly within the multidisciplinary team. Shortages of GPs combined with increased demand have only added to this pressure. This can be alleviated by developing the multidisciplinary team by including a wider range of professionals such as pharmacists and pharmacist technicians.

Expanding the skill-mix within teams enables the delegation of duties. This can improve access to care, enhance patient safety and streamline patient pathways, ensuring that holistic care is delivered more efficiently and effectively. In turn, patients are seen by the most appropriate person, who has extensive knowledge of their condition, at the right time.

Introducing new roles such as pharmacists could successfully bridge your existing workforce gaps, supplementing, rather than substituting, existing team members.

Team-based relationship approaches have in turn enabled better access by freeing up time for GPs to see patients with a more complex diagnosis or management need. This approach is underpinned by improved relational continuity which in turn builds trust between patients and professionals.


We prioritise personal attention and continuity of care. We will take ownership of your care, monitoring the patient’s wellbeing alongside their medicinal journey. By providing a joined-up solution, our personal service, and continuity of care will provide your patients with the highest standards they will come to expect and deserve.

Our highly skilled pharmacists are equipped to conduct clinics either face to face but also (especially during the current COVID19 landscape) via a video or telephone consultation which is clinically justified.  We treat the safety of your patients and our staff as of paramount importance. This means that your GP practice continues to be a safe, clean environment for all who access its services.

Our pharmacists run a wide range of clinics depending on the various needs of individual GP surgeries which we agree with the practice manager and clinical practice leads. By establishing their requirements and current workload we can figure out together how we can help you. You may have a requirement for longterm condition monitoring or we may start running minor ailment clinics due to your high call volume at a particular time of day, reducing the burden on the practice and providing very detailed and specialist pharmacist support.

Some of the types of clinics we can help you with (this list is no way definitive) are:

Medication Reviews & Medicine Optimisation: We review patients in detail on an individual basis. We focus on medicines management within the clinical environment to optimise the repeat prescription process. Medicines waste is a significant issue costing PCN’s approximately  £300 million in primary care alone, half of which is avoidable, we treat this as a priority so you can start to recoup some of your costs. This also serves to improve safety and outcomes.

Minor Illnesses: We assess and treat patients presenting with a range of ‘minor’ conditions and prescribe medication or give advice where appropriate.

Chronic Conditions: Our highly trained pharmacists wholistically review patients focusing on particular health conditions such as asthma, diabetes or hypertension to ensure their treatment is optimised and ensuring follow up tests are requested when required.

Immunisations & Travel Vaccines: Our pharmacists will review and administer any vaccinations required.

Smoking Cessation: Smoking remains one of the biggest causes of illness and death in the UK with around 78,000 people dying from this in the UK. Many more live with debilitating smoking-related illnesses. Let us spend time providing professional guidance to your patients.

The Benefits

  • BESPOKE SERVICE: We make it our mission to work with each practice to understand what type of clinics they require our support on. Included within this evaluation, is for us to recognise the type of patient they would like us to see. As part of this process, we will then tailor their service by matching and providing pharmacists most suited to the needs of the individual practice. Unlike a locum service, our pharmacists are guaranteed to stay with you every step of the way.
  • FLEXIBILITY AT A REDUCED COST TO YOU: Be able to pick and choose when you need support from one of our highly skilled pharmacists or pharmacy technicians. By using one of our team, you not only cut costs by not having to pay e.g. recruiting costs; pensions or sickness pay but you only pay for the actual hours our team support you for.
  • REDUCE YOUR HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT EFFORTS: We look after all of the HR side of things for example, training & CPD, annual leave, employment, etc. By supplying you highly trained clinical pharmacists, we give complete assurance that we provide a 360° clinical pharmacist service within the package.
  • ENHANCED INTERPERSONAL CARE: Our team are reliable and have solid up-to-date clinical knowledge and skills. With the Firza personal touch we can provide sufficient time and attention to every patient, enhancing the skills of your multi-disciplinary team. You can be more in control by having access to a specialist service where patients will have visibility to up-to-date and detailed medicines knowledge, which in turn shaves valuable time off the GPs hands.
  • IMPROVE YOUR SERVICES THROUGH AUDITS: As part of our valued clinic service, we can also conduct clinic focused audits for the practice to ensure a continued high standard of work. The audit is usually recorded by our clinical leadership team whose role it is to observe our pharmacists in practice and will record the quality of their work. The findings are then measured against standards and are developed to ensure a continuously high level of clinical practice. This process also helps us to identify our practice pharmacist CPD requirements to enhance even further, the service GP surgery receives.
  • MENTORING & CONTINUOUS PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: At Firza, we understand the importance of happy patients and recognise the journey that is required to obtain this. We really value each and every one of our team. To guarantee that you continue to receive excellent service, we provide them with a comprehensive training & mentorship programme to train and develop them to achieve their full potential. We provide continuous support and regularly audit them to ensure the standard is maintained, whilst identifying and addressing any training requirements.

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