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Let Firza give you your Life back

With the introduction of Primary Care Networks (PCNs) and with the government putting more and more emphasis on the need for more flexible GP hours, attention is turning to the benefits that Firza can bring to both GP practice-based clinicians as well as to the patients.

As it is now a mandatory requirement for all practices to provide an extended hours service in addition to the standard 08:00 – 18:30 coverage, why not recoup some of your life back and let Firza provide your OOH service provision for you?

Firza’s highly-skilled pharmacists provide an outstanding OOH service. This means that not only can you reclaim some of your life but you can feel confident that your patients are in good hands whilst our clinicians spend quality time with them.


Working out of hours provides greater flexibility for both patients and the Firza pharmacists, allowing for busy lifestyles revolving around work and personal lives. It also ensures that patients get the help they need faster, without having to rely on alternative health services which could, delay the process of them receiving support. Out of hours work not only includes surgery and face to face consultations, but also video and phone consultations, as well as corresponding and giving advice through email. Out of hours operating times vary depending on the practice needs but usually operate between 6pm-8pm, but the flexibility of our services means that we can accommodate all of your needs.

Depending on the practice’s preference, ad hoc out of hours service can be triggered by an alert set up through SystmOne or EMIS which is then received by one of our highly trained out of hours pharmacists for services such as conducting e.g. medication reviews. Alternatively, an out of hours surgery can be block booked on a regular basis with one of our extremely skilled clinicians, agreed with the practice manager from the relevant surgery. 

Once the pharmacist logs in to the practice’s clinical IT platform (e.g. EMIS, SystmOne or Vision), they will have visibility to the appointment schedule and patient records ahead of time enabling them to plan the appropriate delivery of service. Our pharmacist will then call up each scheduled patient to deliver the relevant out of hours service.

Depending on the complexity of the patient, the length of the telephone review can vary but on average takes approximately 15 minutes. When it comes to medication reviews, our pharmacists are well versed to advise the patient of the details within the administration process (frequency of administration, storage of medicines, timing, administration instructions, compliance, efficacy, lifestyle, side effects).

The surgery’s clinical IT platform (e.g. EMIS, SystmOne or Vision) will be used during the patient consultation by our highly trained pharmacists, to not only gain visibility to the patient’s records and medical results but to enable them to ‘task’ the practice with further actions (e.g. to request them to book a blood test). Our pharmacists take great care in their work and use this platform to meticulously update the patient’s records.

The Benefits

  • FLEXIBLE: Flexible appointment time to suit the patient’s busy schedule e.g. 8pm
  • HIGHLY TRAINED PHARMACIST: All Firza pharmacists are trained to provide the most effective medication review, where the patient leaves knowing more about their medication and motivated to improve their health through appropriate lifestyle modifications.
  • PATIENT CENTRIC: Each patient gets a unique chance to discuss medication that they’ve been on for years, providing them with a unique opportunity to ask questions to the Firza healthcare professional.
  • SAVES TIME & MONEY: By providing this service to  GP surgeries, this saves the practice both time and money.

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