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The Murree Medical Centre

Firza Provides a Flexible Solution
by Matching the Right Skills to the
Relevant Tasks


The Murree Medical Centre, situated in two locations within Essex (Pitsea and Basildon) has a catchment area covering the whole of Basildon and is responsible for the health of 7,100 patients.

Business Needs

To help meet the five CQC compliance standards, Safe, Effective, Caring, Responsive and Well-led, The Murree Medical Centre decided to commission Firza to process their weekly prescription workload requests. This was a step away from the ‘traditional model’ deployed in most UK wide GP practices who historically prefer to have this work carried out in-house. The management at The Murree Medical Centre thought differently and embarked on a change programme with Firza to revolutionise the way prescriptions are requested, processed, and managed at practice level.

The Challenge

Prior to commissioning Firza, The Murree Medical Centre had found it challenging to match the right skill set locally. This, together with the challenges of recruiting flexible pharmacist resource, led The Murree Medical Centre to source from Firza, a pharmacist-led provider, rather than to follow a direct employment model.

The Firza Solution

Firza provided highly trained qualified pharmacists that were specifically matched in terms of the right skill set for each of the applicable tasks. The Firza solution provides a flexible solution where the Firza workforce can easily be mixed and matched according to their skills and the needs of the general practice.

In addition to this, Firza were also easily able to provide evidence of DBS checks and relevant certification for each of their pharmacists. In turn, this saved The Murree Medical Practice a substantial amount of time and effort, freeing up time for Murree to get on with other tasks. Once the checks were completed, the Firza pharmacists were very quickly able to get on with the tasks in hand that were required (e.g. Prescription Re-Authorisations; Audits; Document Management; Claim Referrals.

The Impact

Sue Truman, the practice manager for The Murree Medical Centre, confirmed “that by working with Firza this has provided The Murree Medical Centre with the necessary assurance that safe practises are being adhered to through the governance mechanisms that Firza employ”.

In terms of workload, Firza managed to complete 16,850 prescriptions during the first 6 months of 2020 (January-June 2020), which equated to 2,808/month. During the same period, 842 hours were saved from the work that Firza completed which freed up GP time, enabling them to provide support for more complex patients. In addition to this, the CQC commended, improved clinical oversight.

The Firza Unique Selling Proposition

Firza’s Hub based solution allows them to match the right skill at the right time even at short notice. In addition to this, the practice manager stated: “Working with Firza, you do not feel you are working with a separate external company, they can make it feel like they are an integral part of your own medical team”. The transition of using Firza pharmacists has been a joint working venture that has never been anything but pleasurable. Working together to ensure processes work efficiently and effectively, which has often meant Firza adapting to the practice’s way of working and not the other way around. “This is what is so good about Firza, and we have found this to be one of Firza’s real assets, their flexibility, and their ability to redesign their service offering through their internal training and process adaption methods to be able to deliver services to general practice in a seamless way.”

Business Needs

– Compliance to CQC
– Qualification Assurance

The Solution

– Provision of Authenticated Remote Pharmacists
– Prescription Management
– Internal Audits
– Document Management
– Claims Referrals

The Impact

– Prescriptions completed January-June 2020: 16,850 (2808/month)
– 842 hours saved Jan-June 2020
– CQC commended improved clinical oversight

“Working with Firza, you do not feel you are working with a separate external company, they can make it feel like they are an integral part of your own medical team”.

Sue Truman
Practice Manager
The Murree Medical Practice

“The key part of building a relationship with our surgeries, is the knowledge of how we can integrate effectively to alleviate the pressure within the practice. Having been a practice manager I can offer an outsider’s perspective, empathise, and suggest improved ways of working to offer a solution for their current challenges.”

David Barker
Chief Operating Officer

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