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Blockchain-Based Healthcare Platform

South Korean: During this period of Covid-19, the emergency situation has required people to give all their personal information right away and in some countries this was shared to other countries, telecommunications companies, insurance companies and others without their consent. So, The Commons, a South Korean NGO, announced that they will be developing a system using blockchain that can be used for epidemiological investigations in the post-corona period. This allows the people who are diagnosed with Covid-19 to enter their dynamics and can manage all their personal information by entering their personal encryption key. By adopting the blockchain technique the vulnerability of the data being hacked is greatly reduced. This app then allows the investigator to request for a place of visit where the patient can be met and a reliable investigation can be done. This is an easy, safe and quick way of reaching people and conduct epidemiological survey. This application opens up the possibility where blockchain techniques can be used to safely share and process critical data.

Source: South Korean NGO Announces Blockchain-Based Healthcare Platform